Tamsin Dearing Fine Art Pencil & Pastel Portrature

I work collaboratively with Fine Artist Tamsin Dearing in the majority of the below organisations. Please follow the Google + icon link to the right (opens new window) to learn more about Tamsin's work:


Merlin MS Centre

Past collaboration – Tamsin and I used to work every Friday with the attendees of the Merlin MS Centre at the beautiful Bradbury House, Hewaswater, St. Austell; using art and creativity as a means for social interaction, gently challenging tasks and education and development – problem solving skills.
We have lots of fun working with the dedicated excellent Respite Support Team at the Merlin MS Centre and are always interested in finding out what the attendees want to do next.
For more information about Merlin MS Centre, please click the Google + icon to your right (opens a new window).

Merlin MS Centre - Funday Friday Creative Activities - Acrylic painting

Merlin MS Centre - Funday Friday Creative Activities - Acrylic painting

Memory Cafe

Tamsin and I work across Cornwall providing creative respite creative activities that promote motor skills, interaction, problem solving and seasonally related tasks: calendar events built into the creativity to support orientation of time and place.
The time Tamsin and I spend with the memory cafe attendees allows cares some time off for a get together in an adjoining room over tea and cake, whilst their loved ones are happily engaged and cared for by a team of dedicated volunteer support staff.
For more information about Memory Cafes, please click the Google + icon to your right (opens a new window).

Memory Café, Fowey - Felt-making.

Memory Matters South West

Tamsin and I enjoy working with Memory Matters South West group in Lostwithiel. A diverse range of attendees' needs are met with wide variety of creative activities and Tamsin and I are always impressed by the very high level of voluntary support at this group. Please use the Google+ link to to the right to learn more about Memory Matters South West (opens a new window).


Tourettes Action

Past collaboration – Tourettes Action is a wonderful organisation providing advice, information and support. Tamsin and I are delighted to have been part of their service provision and highly recommend getting in touch if you have any questions. Please click the Google+ link to the right for more information (opens a new window).


Cultural Threads CIC

Cultural Threads is a creative arts organisation that celebrates cultural diversity. They are a dedicated resource in Cornwall celebrating people from different cultures living in Cornwall providing creative arts workshops, events, information, learning materials and links to other services and organisations. For more information please click the Google+ icon (opens a new window).


Treverbyn Community Centre

Teaching fundamental and advanced skills in a variety of arts and crafts workshops Friday evenings, Trevrbyn community centre has a livey and fun atmosphere. To learn more or take part, please follow the Google+ link (opens a new window).