Workshops, Private Tuition and Gift Vouchers


Teaching is one of my favourite activities because it's largely about connecting people to the processes involved with creativity. Indeed, the experience of being creative is a very happy place to be; students often say, "I feel very relaxed" or "Isn't this therapeutic" or "I could do this all day". Conversely, I also hear, usually at the beginning of a workshop or private tuition, "I can't," or "I'm no good at this". For me, the relationship between creativity, its processes and being satisfied with what we create — how we get there — is a fascinating subject.

How do we get there? By taking the time to assess what is, on the face of it, a large amount of seemingly complex information and learning how to break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces, or processes. Be curious, ask questions. In this sense, teaching is as much about teaching the student how to connect their imagination to the creative processes at hand as it is about the subject being taught.

What's the best method of learning? We are all individuals who learn in different ways. I pay very close attention to students' questions and offer a variety of responses to learn which method works best for each individual. Another way of putting it is confidence building. Confidence comes with practise and patience. Learning to trust the creative process also takes time; like learning any new skill, whether it be playing a musical instrument or learning to drive a car, it takes time and practise to reach a meaningful, measurable outcome. Art, or creativity, is no different.

It is therefore important that students find what works best for them so they can engage the creative process confidently. And by breaking the process down into separate manageable components and showing how they come together to form the whole (in whatever it is being created), the learning process becomes accessible and, most importantly, enjoyable.      

I'm very grateful for students' feedback, they often say that I am a calm, very supportive, gentle and patient teacher.

Personalised Gift Vouchers

Personalised gift vouchers for one-to one tuition are available to purchase at £25.00 for an hour taster session or £60.00 for three hours for a mini workshop of any one of the below listed activities. Vouchers are redeemable up to six months from the date of purchase. All tools and materials supplied. No previous experience required. 

Payment and venue details to be agreed following enquiry/confirmation of order. To order your voucher, please email the following information to me using the contact form on your right:

  • Name of recipient
  • Tuition activity of choice
  • Taster session or mini workshop 

Gift vouchers available for the following tuition activities:

  • Pyrography
  • Modroc Sculpture
  • Japanese Bookbinding 
  • Lino Printing
  • One, Two and Three-point Perspective Drawing
  • Sketching
  • Sculpture (air-drying clay)