Sketch work is where most of my ideas begin to take shape and it's usually the first port of call for concept refinement and process development. It's also reliably effective for generating meaningful communication in design & make commissions.

In practical terms, sketching provides a road map for idea traffic: illustrating the start point, the journey and how you arrived at your destination (diversions are part of the course!). It is a tangible means of realisation. Most designers, artists and creative types use sketching as part of their daily routines. 

From the tutor's point of view, with gentle and honest encouragement, sketching is possibly one of the most accessible routes to assisting the development of a student's skill and confidence. This is usually because the how to draw or create is often overlooked in formal education - being 'left to get on with it', and is therefore the stongest reason why learning to trust the process of development is key to meaningful progress.

This practical philosophy is core to the design and purpose of my sketchbook workshops. I use a flexible, guided process of learning to encourage curiosity, patience and practise over expectations of immediate 'masterpiece' outcomes. For more information about my workshops and one-to-one tuition, please see the Teach page.

I keep a sketchbook with me wherever I go. The following images are selected from several sketchbooks currently in use. 


My pencil artwork follows my interest in human anatomy.