Design & Build

Interior Design

Using sketch work, perspective and technical drawing for interior design and make commissions is helpful in several ways: they provide a point of reference for discussion and idea refinement (supported by practical needs) - being able to see what the idea actually looks like and how it fits within the environment (aesthetics). Design sketches, once an idea is selected, also inform the materials purchase list, quantity and processing order (cutting materials according to the design specifications minimising material waste).

Below are several design sketches describing a variety of ideas for a domestic kitchen aimed at maximising storage space and improving accessibility. The tall cupboard unit has several deep shelves which limits sight of and retrieval of anything stored at the back, plus, there's a large diameter pipe in the back right hand corner of the cupboard which further reduces the amount of usable space. The design of the pull out drawers factor this into the above aim and will be built to accommodate the pipe.  

Through discussion and analysis of the presented sketch ideas, it became apparent that the topmost pull out drawers would be counter productive because you wouldn't be able to see their contents. So, illustrated in the final of the four ideas, it was settled that the two top half pull out sections would divide centrally, allowing an unobstructed view and retrieval of stored items from the sides of each of the pull out sections.

Pull-out Storage: Build

Pyrography Sign for local Community Garden

This pyrography sign was hand planned to its final dimention and the lettering burned using a Peter Child Pyro' tool by hand into the oak board. 

Shadow Puppet Theatre for Cultural Threads CIC

I was approaced to design and build a mobile shadow puppet theatre for a lovely company called Cultural Threads CIC - for more informaiton about Cultural Threads please head over the Links: page. 

Wooden ‘Bone’ Folders – for Bookbinding

Bone folders are used in the bookbinding profession to fold paper, crease and or flatten fabric to backing boards when casing in, for pressing seams and martial into shape e.g. pressing the spine cover round the raised cords. Folders come in a variety of shapes and sizes for many different binding applications. Instead of bone (not overly keen on the idea using actual bone) I've reused some wood pieces from a previous project. Shaping, planing and sanding the folders ready for burning designs using the pyrography machine.
Making wooden 'bone folders' with pyrography designs for bookbinding

Drawing Table Commissions

I've designed and built a number of drawing tables for people, factoring in various requirements depending on the needs of the individual; most want lightness and portability (shoulder strap) and /or adjustable tbale tops. Others request draws for pens, pencils and rubbers etc. as well as magnetic backing to keep steel rulers and eraser shields safely to hand.  

Drawing table A3+ size
Drawing table A3+ size
Drawing table A3+ size

Technical Drawing

Part of my skill set, from university and working for an interior design company, is technical drawing. I'm not an architect, however, I can produce technical drawings fit for submission to a local council's planning department, or indeed support a client's expression of a building development idea to any architectural practise. This is often an economical and swift option in terms of building work progress. 

Technical Drawing for Balcony
Fabrication of balcony from technical drawing